Pulurobot Applications

Below you can find samples of the many applications possible

with Pulurobot —you can afford them all!!

Delivery boy

Every office’s dream delivery boy—never late and sells snacks and coffee too!

Cleaner trolley

Always there when and where needed. Something spilled over there? No worries—trolley is already on the way.

Recycle bin

Automatically goes to where the action is, a revolution for construction and installation sites.

Coffee trolley

Fresh coffee, table-to-table, autonomously.


Restless security guard running shifts as often as you would like.

Telepresence to loved ones

No matter how far away, visit as often as you like!

Have you ever dreamed of getting a thousand miles away in few seconds? 

Spare parts driver

Automatically fetches parts from the warehouse.


High demand specialists waste no time travelling—multiple visits to distant patients anytime.

AutoGuide for museums

Friendly, patient, all-knowing guide.

Shopping carrier

Takes goods to your car—or all the way home if you would like.

Pet Companion

Loves to play with your cat or throw a ball to your dog.

Research platform

Do your own robotics research without facing a steep learning curve.

Visit your mom, three thousand miles away, five times a day, without leaving home. 

Autonomous dish retrieval

When tray cart is full, it drives to the dishwasher.

Autonomous mapper

Maps office or factory space autonomously at times of least disturbance.

Party tray

Servers in tuxedos are out! Automatic drink carriers are in!

Waiter and bus boy

Takes and serves orders and clears dishes—anywhere!


A robot with personality, entertaining guests, streaming Internet and videos.


Whatever you need.

Guiding people in various events?

First responder

In the case of a fire, the first one to arrive.

Information gatherer

Collects information more accurately and quickly than any human.

Shopping carrier

Takes goods to your car—or all the way home if you would like.

Guide for crowds

Guiding people in various events.

Husband at the mall

Replaces dozing husband at the mall while the wife is shopping—and carries larger loads and is much more reasonable.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Home Security

Sleep in peace. Robot surveils and patrols.

Besting security by guard who is always there?


In hospitals or other institutions watches rehabilitation exercises and keeps a diary.

Kidde car

Let your kid learn to drive—safely.

Fire spotter

Great for industrial factories and shops.  

Spare parts courier

Takes needed parts to the technician.

Lesson supervisor

Observes classwork, keeps students focused.

Library courier

Delivers books on demand.

Pulurobot complements and sometimes replaces human work!

A midwife assistant at farm

Observes an animal about to give birth and sends an alert when the action starts.

Storm tracker

During storms, tracks water damages, falling trees, down power lines.

Homecoming alert

Welcomes you home and alerts others about your arrival—helps moms keep track of their kids.

Holiday guardian

Two weeks at Bali, is the house still there?

Sick kids observer

Looks after sick kids at home, reports regularly—or when something odd happens.

The serious drinker’s "where-is-my-home?" assistant

Always knows the way home from the pub—and not the way to another pub!

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