Pulurobot M

DIN size 600x400mm footprint, with castor wheels 650x470mm.

Medium size agile Pulurobot
ROS compatible but not using ROS

  (Highly efficient in business, maintenance and manufacturing)

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Chassis    is constructed from aluminum 

  • riveted together in one sturdy piece

  • Size 650mm x 470mm + height 230mm, 304mm from ground


  • 2 pcs 300w 24v BLDC -wheel hub motor


  • freely rotating suspended rear wheels 

  • always four "feet" on the ground 

  • stable ride, no "wobbly balance changes"

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Robot is an application platform

DIN size robot is a simple platform to build an application onto. Delivery boy application seen in the picture can carry up to six 600x400mm boxes or twelve 400x300mm boxes.


  • constructed from 18650 li-ion cells, to desired capacity, default 240Wh

  • can be built to be own layer on the robot, weight is only limiting factor

  • platform can house around 1KWh of battery


  • electronics on RobotBoard

  • wall unit connects to 110V/220V outlets


  • LIDAR for navigating and mapping

  • 4 x 3D TOF-cameras, capable of seeing accurately in direct sunlight or at night

  • sonar for transparent obstacles like glass doors or walls

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Sensor array

In current version of Pulu M there are three types of sensors;

  • 2D LIDAR making long distance mapping and navigation

  • 3D Time Of Flight (PuluTOF) sensing obstacles lower or higher than the 2D LIDAR plane

  • Sonars sensing transparent obstacles (glass doors or walls)

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Intelligent and robust suspension

Four wheels on the ground all the time! The robust and super simple suspension is familiar from trucks. Manufactured with techniques familiar from airplanes.

In urban areas, you will have four wheels on the ground all the time. You can run your Pulu M on dirt roads too, only limitation is traction on the wheels. 

All PuluRobots use the same structure. It forms a triangle, but not just triangle, it is square when needed; it can take support from both ends of T when the terrain is uneven enough.

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All-in-one RobotBoard

RobotBoard is attached to front hatch. All electronics are in the same place for easy maintenance - and low cost. Notice two Raspberry Pi's on the RobotBoard. It is possible to stack up to five Raspberry Pis on the RobotBoard. Pulu M requires only one for application, but if you need more power, or want to run multiple OS or ROS, you are free to go!

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Robot Identification Number  can be found from the chassis and RobotBoard.

Pulurobots are built to last

Laws of physics seldom change. For this reason, the mechanical structure is built to last. Aluminum is the most common metal in the earth's crust. It is durable, lightweight and malleable. Riveting is flexible, easily repairable and thoroughly tested technology.

Just like airplanes, Pulurobots follow the rule of simplicity and robustness. 

Powder coated aluminum is corrosion and abrasion resistant. Coating can be any color you wish, matte or glossy, even ESD if needed. 

Electronics is easily upgradeable by unscrewing front hatch where RobotBoard is. We will offer upgrades this way. If you need more power, or just want to upgrade to latest electronics, it is easy as pie. No need to change the whole structure or dismantle application layers on the base structure.

 Controller board:

  • STM32 microcontroller for sensor management & low-level navigation

  • MEMS gyroscope, accelerometer, compass

  • Powerful lithium ion charger (100W)

  • Strong 5V power supply for computers, tablets, etc. (10A)

  • 2 x BLDC motor controllers, 700W peak each

  • On-board Raspberry Pi for running mapping (SLAM) & route finding algorithms

  • Internet connection through WiFi and/or 3G/4G 

Vision & sensing:    

  • 2D 360 degree LIDAR

  • 4pcs 3D Pulu TOF - Time-of-Flight camera 

  • 4 pcs Sonars for detecting glass doors and walls


  • Riveted aluminum chassis

  • Simple, low-cost but super-robust suspension: always four wheels on the ground

  • Two-wheel drive, BLDC hub motors (similar to hoverboards

  • Supports at 90kg when moving, mechanical structure can withstand a lot more 


  • Can find and mount to its charger automatically

  • 100W built in charger

Controller board   has powerful 32 bit ARM Main-microcontroller (STM32), 

  • All-in-one RobotBoard, no wire spaghetti

  • easy to manufacture, easy to maintain = inexpensive!

  • Controls two brush or brushless DC -motors

  • peak output max 700w / motor, continuous 200w / motor

  • Socket for Raspberry Pi 2/3, possibility to stack up to five Raspberry Pi's.

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  • RobotBoard has I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO and analog inputs for extensions

  • Powerful 100W li-ion battery charger

  • compass, 2 x gyro and accelerometer integrated

  • Battery backed Real Time Clock (RTC)

  • up to 20 free IO ports

  • 5V, 12V and raw battery (16-21V) power outputs for add-ons

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Practical size, able to carry heavy loads

The robot's dimensions are designed to fit into the home or office. Most robots are designed to be round. That is not optimal because of most of our stuff is a square by shape – Houses are square, most furniture is square, boxes are square.

For that reason, we designed everything around a square. Also, navigation is built to navigate the square through space. It knows when to reverse or turn to fit the very square of itself into the desired location.

We took human footprint shoulder high because that fits into most human space.

Structurally the chassis is capable of carrying way beyond 90 Kilograms. We have tested around 118 Kg of that and found no mechanical problems. 

All four wheels are on the ground at all times. Which end is front and which is back? You decide. We usually run the device big wheels front, but going over high thresholds is easier with smaller assistant wheels because the point of balance is behind the axis.


Limited edition LIDAR & 3D TOF version 

Current production model for Pulu M offers hybrid 3D TOF vision and LIDAR.

Four narrow but high beams can distinct obstacles, tables, thresholds, staircases, dips - almost anything on the way.

The greatest challenge with rectangular footprint is calculating where the rear of the robot will be, and will there be anything on the way. As picture shows, this placing of the sensors make possible to sense both sides, and distinct if there is anything on the way, like tables, plants, chairs, cones - you name it.

This robot is available; current delivery time is around two months from the order.

Please ask details and offer by email: info@pulurobotics.fi

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