Latest news: Oliopäivät, 3D TOF works, First units sold

We have been busy!

Oliopäivät - 7.12.2017

We participated Olipäivät -meeting today at Tampere University of Technology (TTY, English abstract: "Oliopäivät" is a recurring event organized 12 times since 1991. The event has gathered software professional from Tampere region for listening presentations on some interesting theme, discuss and network. This time the topic is AI and especially its effects on software development and business. The language of the presentations is selected by the speakers -- mostly Finnish.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

3D Time Of Flight sensor works

Our in-house 3D TOF devkit gives out what it supposed to. It works like a charm. It is not for resale, just for internal development work.

When installing the wafer chip (50 microns thick, around the thickness of a hair), Antti broke only one. The second one did not break; it was placed with thin ESD plastic bag shred under a microscope. Hot air reflow soldering was used to attach it to the PCB.

Against all the odds, the chip acts just the way it supposed to! Even without any corrections, the precision seemed to be within 20 mm in good lab conditions. With all the planned correction systems applied, some very unique, we'll get nearly that accuracy even in more demanding conditions.

In this prototype, the black cardboard is the ad-hoc lens hood.

The world with 3D TOF vision

In the picture is what the chip gives out. B&W image, color-encoded depth image, and the four correlation sample input images in different phases of modulation. Average distance in the picture  is around 270cm, longest is around 750cm, we assume it can see with current LEDs around 15 meters.  By adding power to LEDs the range will ramp up even further.

We test all possible LEDs to find out what is the best solution.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

Driving the robot around..

..raised a lot of interest.

Unfortunately we lost the map of Tietotalo due to improper switch off that corrupted the filesystem.

Odoo image and text block

We sold some units in the meeting. We should be able to deliver within two weeks.

Our first production patch, five units are meant for making videos and testing. Next 25 units are available to the public in January.

If you wish to have one, let us know by email!