University of Helsinki teaches with Pulu M

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"Being an ideal concept for IoT and robotics education, Pulu Robotics platform provides a capable environment to experiment real-life applications in an inexpensive fashion. This way both researchers and students get first-hand experiences in making compelling robotic applications that can actually be tested in their true usage environment."

Tommi Mikkonen, 
Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki


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"The Pulu robot is a great concept because it allows access to all layers from the low-level control software to the high-level application which developers write themselves. At our Software Factory lab for software research and education, we are experimenting with improvements to the software platform. We want to help make the Pulurobotics platform be as smooth and easy to develop on as possible. At the same time, our students learn about robotics programming and our researchers can study the platform and contribute to the state of the art in software research."

Fabian Fagerholm, 
Software Factory Lab at Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki


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