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        Pulurobot L  (large size)  will be the biggest model 

        Unfortunately it is still on the drawing board, but what we can reveal following:  

        You can run it with the first RobotBoard controller
        It has;
        four motors
        fully suspended chassis
        It is capable to carry around 300Kg load
        Best of all - price will be a lot less than what you are used to!
        Odoo image and text block

        Practical for large / heavy loads

        The robot's dimensions are designed for factory floor or outdoors. 

        Most robots are designed to be round. That is not optimal because of most of our stuff is a square by shape – Houses are square, most furniture is square, boxes are square. For that reason, we designed everything around a square. Also, navigation is built to navigate square through space. It knows when to reverse or turn to fit the very square of itself into the desired location.

        The device can easily be adopted to desired dimensions.

        Structurally the chassis is capable of carrying around 300 Kilograms. 

        All four wheels are on the ground at all times. Which end is front and which is back? You decide. We usually run the device big wheels front, but going over thresholds is easier with smaller assistant wheels because the point of balance is behind axis. 

        Please note the model is a prototype and is subject to modifications.