Does it matter Pulurobot is open source?

I'm interested of robotics as

maker of robotics
robot software application business
robot hardware application business
consumer user
business user

What other platforms have you studied?

Are you aware other open source robotics platforms, if yes, please define

I'm interested of robotics as..

hobbyist, enthusiast
professional robotics engineer
professional robotics marketing
professional robotics management
professional robotics other
If other, please specify:

Would you be interested to make applications on this platform?

What is the right price for Pulurobot S (small one)

What is the right price for Pulurobot M (medium size)

What is the right price for Pulurobot L (Large heavy model)

I'd prefer..

nono opinionyes
Delivery boy
Coffee trolley / trashbin
Pet companion
Research platform
Autonomous mapper
Waiter and bus boy
First fire response
Shopping carrier
Guide for events
Husband at the mall
Home security robot
Walker - rehabilitation in hospitals
Kiddie car - driving without collisions
Lesson supervisor - at school
Library courier
A midwife assistant at farm
The serious drinker’s "where-is-my-home?" assistant
If other, please specify:

What is good in prototypes?

What is bad in protypes?

What is missing in prototypes?

Would you prefer current prototype chassis or more sleek, finished look?


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Age group

How would you participate in Pulu?

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