Let's make mobile robotics affordable!

Pulurobotics - a real gamechanger


Introducing Pulurobot M

A tight budget no longer matters.
We have a solution you can afford!


For heavy loads - See how 90Kg moves

We could not find enough iron to load the robot, so we invented new measure: One Arno, that is around 90Kg.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


Pulurobot makes the map autonomously. Pulurobot also learns new obstacles and knows how to remove the barriers that no longer block the way.


See how SLAM works

Simultaneous Localization And Mapping - working out of the box. Just switch the robot on, and it makes a map from your premises!

Follow me

Platform that follows you, stops when you stop!

Delivery boy

Every office’s dream delivery boy—never late and sells snacks and coffee too!


Waste no time travelling - be present to many places.