Pulurobot S

DIN size - 400x300mm footprint

The smallest pulurobot

ROS compatible but not using ROS

(Fits in home, good for learning, very useful, does what other models do too, just smaller)

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns


Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns
Odoo image and text block

A small agile footprint

When you need a smaller footprint, Pulurobot S is half of the size of Pulurobot M. It is still capable of carrying over 50Kg, 58 Kg is tested. It uses the very same controller and software. Everything developed over Pulurobot S will also work in Pulu M without major modifications.

All four wheels are on the ground at all times. Which end is front and which is back? You decide. We usually run the device big wheels front, but going over thresholds is more accessible with smaller assistant wheels because the point of balance is located behind axis.

Convenient size for small spaces or offices. Handy for studying Pulurobot due to a smaller size - it fits to any home.

Pulu S will be available latest June 2018.

Mechanics are ready, but we need to wait for sensor production.


What size is Pulu S?

This picture tells more than a thousand words. 

The box is Finnish postal box, 295 x 395, DIN size.

Odoo text and image block
Odoo image and text block

What? No REAL picture? Does it exist?

Yes - and no. Electronics is there. Motors are in the warehouse. As the images tell, plans are ready. The only reason it is not yet made, the sensors are at subcontractors assembly line.

Chassis is production ready and will be manufactured as soon as we have sensors.

We delay manufacturing of other components until we have sensors. This way we can apply all the latest innovations to the first production patch. 

We have manufactured only one prototype this far; the structure is very similar with Pulu M, there has been no real need to make more.